information center

info role snapshot

Information Center win: 

Create a comfortable environment by providing helpful information, clear directions and appropriate next steps for our guests.

Minimum Age

16 years of age unless serving with qualified adult.


Arrive to join in the pre-service huddle. [45 min. before service]

Serve at the Information Center. [30 min. before -10 min. after service]

Serving Specifics

Enthusiastically welcome guests who approach the info area.

Assist new guests by answering questions and giving welcome gifts. 

Walk with guests to guide them to different areas of the church.

Have knowledge of each ministry area including TVC KIDS and Fusion 412.

See Campus Leader and service order for communication updates. 

Knows how to execute the emergency procedure. Click here

Be able to execute role in an emergency per Emergency Services Team.

Enthusiastically engage with guests who pass by.


Info Center volunteer should wear Guest Services name tag at all times. 

If you will miss your opportunity to serve, please inform your team leader. 

Ordering Supplies

Guest Services Central Support will supply Tithing Envelopes, 7 Basics and Mugs. Contact

Communications Central Support will provide promo materials and Welcome Brochure. Contact

The office will print name tags and any materials specific to Guest Services. Contact

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Serves once or twice a month.

Serving times vary at each campus.

Is passionate about TVC and believes in our mission of Connecting People with God.