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Your Next Step

NEXT STEP role snapshot

Minimum Age

Next Step Win:

Create a positive experience where guests are challenged and inspired to make a Next Step.

16 years of age unless serving with qualified adult.


Arrive to join in the pre-service huddle. [45 min. before service]

Serve at Your Next Step area[30 min. before -10 min. into service]

Serve at Your Next Step area. [10 min. after service]

Serving Specifics

Connects with the Team Leader for Next Step updates during the week. 

Intentionally make eye contact, greet and introduce yourself to guests. 

Offering to help guest find what they are looking for. 

Allow people to browse, if they would prefer to do this on their own.

Always let guests know that you are available if any questions come up. 

Utilize the resources (4x4 cards, brochures, iPad) to answer questions.

Encourage guests to fill out Next Step cards and we will contact them.

Learn the Next Steps available and be confident directing people

If you do not know an answer, fill out a Next Step card for guest.

Always thank each individual for stopping by the Next Step area.

Invite guests to come back at any time. 

Stand next to desk to create an engaging and welcoming atmosphere. 


Be knowledgable about all serving opportunities and upcoming events.

4x4 cards/Brochures will give you information for serving.

Show guest where the serving applications are and where to turn them in.

Ask questions to help guest find their next step in serving:

What would be the best time for you to serve? (weekend/during the week?) 

Are you a people person, or do you like working behind the scenes? 

Invite them to browse the 4x4s/brochure and ask them what was intriguing? 

What things do you enjoy doing on your free time? (hobbies. Etc.) 

What do you or other people say you are good at? 


Evaluate connecting opportunities based on age.

Adults look at Connect with God, Life groups and help.

Kids and Teens can find info in the Welcome Brochure and on website

Be knowledgable on life groups and support groups. 

Below are questions to help people find their next step in connecting: 

Is there a specific type of group you are looking for? 

Were you hoping for a Women’s? Men’s? Couples? Families? Coed group? 


Host Team should wear their Guest Services name tag at all times.

If you will miss your opportunity to serve, please inform your team leader. 

Ordering Supplies

Your Next Step promotional materials can be ordered through the office Contact

Your Next Step wall supplies and other non promotional items are provided by the campus.

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Serves once or twice a month.

Serving times vary at each campus.

Is passionate about TVC and believes in our mission of Connecting People with God.

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