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Cafe Ordering

Campus café guidelines:

Follow this guide to order supplies for your campus. Each campus is responsible for ordering their own cafe supplies. at this time each campus can decide what supplies/coffee best fit their campus. Please keep quality in mind! 


Regular - Schuil 100% Columbian Supremo

Decaf - Schuil Decaf Columbian Supremo

Flavor - Schuil [seasonal choice]

To order: email





Other Drinks

Hot Chocolate - Swissmiss 46.68oz (Pack of 6) 

To order: 


Lemonade - Country Time Pink Lemonade Drink Mix 5lb. 2.5oz (pack of 2)

To order:​​






To order: All on


Creamer Half & Half - Nestle Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer, Original, liquid creamer singles


Creamer French VanillaNestle Coffee Mate coffee creamer, french vanilla, Liquid creamer singles


SugarDomino Sugar Packets, 500 count, restaurant Quality

Sweet & lowSweet & Low sugar substitute (case of 1500)






Coffee CupsRestaurant ware insulated coffee cups- ripple wall.


Cold Cups - Stack Man 12oz Clear Cups with Strawless lids


Lids - Restaurant ware 3.6 in coffee cup lids 50 Leak resistant coffee cup lids. 



Hot strawsHot 100 individually wrapped single pack coffee straws 18cm long

Cold strawsCrystalware bulk pack of 380 flexible plastic drinking straws


Stirrer sticks - Stixtogo 


Napkins White beverage napkins 1 ply


Cup and lid holder Mind reader fancy cup and lid holder


Creamer organizerMind Reader Acrylic 3- tier coffee/ tea condiment organizer 


Counter trash can Mini trash can with lid brushed stainless steel 

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