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Arrive to join in the pre-service huddle. [45 min. before service]

Greet at assigned station. [30 min. before service-10 min. into service]

Greet at assigned station as people exit. [10 min. after service]


Serving Specifics

Enjoys seeking out and meeting new people.

Stands either in the auditorium or lobby and greets new guests.

Looks for wandering or first time guests who may need direction.

Greets and walks the new guest to their desired destination.

Offers a welcome brochure and gift. 

After greeting, may sit in the back of the auditorium and enjoy service.

Stay informed and aware of upcoming things in the church.


Host Team should wear their Guest Services name tag at all times.

If you will miss your opportunity to serve, please inform your team leader. 

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Minimum Age

10 years of age unless serving with qualified adult.


Serves once or twice a month.

Serving times vary at each campus.

Is passionate about TVC and believes in our mission of Connecting People with God.

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