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greeters role snapshot

Minimum Age

Greeter Win:

Create a comfortable environment for guests by offering a sincere greeting and acknowledging each guest as the center the building.

10 years old inside greeter.


16 years old parking lot greeter unless serving with qualified adult.


Serves once or twice a month.

Serving times vary at each campus.

Is passionate about TVC and believes in our mission of Connecting People with God.

Parking Lot Greeters

  • Parking Team members should wear approved Guest Services attire. 

  • Use flashlights if dark.

  • Put out sandwich board signage, as appropriate at each campus.

  • Greet guests by smiling and waiving.

  • On busy weekends, clearly direct guests to available parking spots. 

  • Report any accidents to your Guest Service Leader.

  • In the Winter put out cones if parking lines cannot be seen.

Serving Specifics

  • Greet each guest enthusiastically as though you were expecting them. 

  • Maintain positive body language (smile and make good eye contact) 

  • Walk any first-time guests to the Info Center to receive a welcome gift.

  • Be familiar with the building and special events at church.

  • Check out the Weekly Guide before service for information you may need. Personally escort any guest who asks where something is located.

  • Avoid pointing or giving directions. 


  • Greeters are often the first and last impression a guest has of TVC.

  • Greeting Team should wear their Guest Services name tag at all times.

  • If you will miss your opportunity to serve, please inform your team leader. 


  • Arrive to join in the pre-service huddle.

    • [45 min. before service]

  • Greet at assigned station. 

    • [30 min. before service-10 min. into service]

  • Greet at assigned station as people exit. 

    • [10 min. after service]

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