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cafe role snapshot

Minimum Age

16 years of age unless serving with qualified adult.


Serve once or twice a month.

Serving times vary at each campus.


passionate about TVC and believes in the mission of Connecting People with God.

Cafe Win:

Create a comfortable environment for guests by providing quality refreshments while interacting with each guest that approaches the cafe.

serving specifics

  • Welcome every guest who approaches the cafe area and assist them

  • maintain positive body language (smile and make eye contact)

  • Throughout the service, continue to make beverages and stock cafe. If this is done you may sit in service

  • Keep the cafe and surrounding area neat and tidy.


  • Arrive to make beverages and stock cafe. 

    • [1.5 hours before service]

  • Join in the preservice huddle.

    • [45 min. before service]

  • Remain after service to clean up the cafe. 

    • [20-30 min. after service]

Cafe Constants

  • Coffee: Regular, decaf and flavored (campus of flavor)

  • Other Drinks: Hot water, tea, hot cocoa or lemonade(seasonal)

  • Condiments: sugar, sugar alternative, regular, and flavored creamer

  • Cafe Essentials: Cups, Lids, stir sticks and napkins


  • Cafe Volunteer should wear Guest Services Name tag at all times.

  • If you will miss your opportunity to serve, please inform your team leader. 

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