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ushers role snapshot

Usher Team Win:

Create a comfortable environment for guests by welcoming them and offering assistance to make engaging with the service both easy and distraction-free.

Minimum Age

10 years of age unless serving with qualified adult.


Arrive to join in the pre-service huddle. [45 min. before service]

Greet and seat at assigned station. [30 min. before -10 min. into service]

Participate in the offering [20-30 min. into the service]

Serving Specifics

Ushers are helpful, kind, and considerate of guest needs.

Helps create a comfortable environment for all guests.

Handles distractions kindly and quickly.

Connects with the Lead Usher prior to service to receive instructions

Ushers stand inside the auditorium, facing the auditorium doors.

Assists with greeting, seating and handouts at the entrance doors. 

Assists in the service, as needed: communion, handouts, offerings. 

During the offering 10-17 year olds may pass out the offering buckets

Must be 18 years and above to receive the offering buckets. 

After ushering duties, may sit in the back and enjoy service. 

Helps tidy the auditorium after service.

Lost and found items are taken to the Information Center.


Greeting Team should wear their Guest Services name tag at all times.

If you will miss your opportunity to serve, please inform your team leader.

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Serves weekly,      

bi-weekly or once a month.

Serving times vary at each campus.

Is passionate about TVC and believes in our mission of Connecting People with God.

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