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Campus Constants

This page will help to guide you on the requirements and set up for Your Next Step, Information Center, Auditorium and Cafe at your campus. 

Your Next Step

Your Next Step Win: Create a positive experience where guests are challenged and inspired to make a Next Step.

The content that we share at Your Next Step is important to keep accurate for volunteers to be equipped to help guests with their next step. At all of our Next Step areas there needs to be a locked box for dropping off applications and all Next Step cards. Below you will find the different categories/documents required at Your Next Step as well as helpful imagery to understand layout. Each campus may create their own vibe/style, however content must fit these guidelines. 

Tribe Section

All open life groups must be identified with an individual card. These groups then can be listed together, or in categories. See optional categories below:

  • Co-ed

  • Couples/Families

  • Support

  • Men

  • Women

  • Young Adults

This section must also include "Start a Group"  and general info card. 

To request a card be made for a new group

To request a change to a current card, or get more cards made

Connect with God Section

The Goal of this section is to pull people toward a deeper connection with God. See the items required for this section below.

  • 7 Basics Book (must include inside:note from Campus Pastor/Invite to Explore God)

  • All about TVC and Next Steps Card (currently on hold)

  • Bible Study Tools

  • Baptism Card

  • Prayer list (optional)

To request more cards be printed for your campus.

Serve at TVC Section

The Goal of this section is to allow people to see the opportunities we have to Serve at TVC. This section must have all serving category cards. The following categories are listed for this section:

  • Communication/Visual Arts

  • Community/Missions

  • Guest Services

  • Kids and Students

  • Tribes

  • Online

  • Operations/Facilities

  • Weekend Production

  • Spiritual Gifts Test

Volunteer applications for youth and adults need to be available.

To see a full listing of all serving categories and what fits under them

To request cards be printed for your campus

Giving Kiosk (Optional at any campus)

The Giving Kiosk can be a part of the Next Step area (or it can stand alone somewhere in your lobby). The goal with this is to provide guests a place to give with a credit card. Please be thoughtful to put this in a visual place in your lobby, but also provide some sort of privacy for our guests when giving. Along with the station we need the following items available.

  • ACH giving forms

  • 3 month tithe challenge cards

  • Tithing envelopes

To request giving forms, cards or envelopes


There are three main things that we continually have accessible in our auditorium for Guests.

  • Connection Cards (found in seat back pocket)

  • Tithing Envelopes (found in seat back pocket)

  • Bibles (Generally found underneath the chairs)

To order more supplies for your Auditorium 


Cafe Win: Create a comfortable environment for guests by providing quality refreshments while interacting with each guest that approaches the cafe.

Below you will find a list of expected supplies for your campus. Each campus is responsible for ordering their own cafe supplies. Each campus can decide what supplies/coffee best fit their campus. Please keep quality in mind! 

  • Coffee: regular, decaf, and flavored (campus choice to have flavored). 

  • Other drinks: hot water, tea, cold water, hot cocoa or lemonade. [seasonal] 

  • Condiments: sugar, sugar alternative, regular and flavored creamer. 

  • Cafe Essentials: Cups, lids, stir sticks, and napkins.

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