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greeting at the door

This position is one of the most important jobs at TVC. You are one of the first people that our church family and guests encounter when they come into the church. If they don’t receive a favorable reception from you, their entire experience may be tainted. We don’t want anything to come between them and an encounter with God. Remember to always greet with a smile!

when do I greet at the door?


If you are working a door, you should be at the door twenty minutes before the start of the service. People working the doors on Sunday second service should be prepared to be working the door as soon as the first service guests leave.



There will be at least two ushers at each door, one on each side of the doorway. Please stand on the inside of the doors within the auditorium by the wastebaskets. This allows more room in the doorway to make it easier for people to get through. This way if you get people who happen to stop to talk while standing in the doorway, other people can still get around them. There may be times you may be that person. While we do need to remember that our purpose is there to serve, we know there are going to be times when a friend or a guest comes through the door and you want to chat with them for a moment. In this instance, please step to the side so you aren't blocking the doorway. 


Many weekends we will have a handout. The handouts will be in the bottom pocket of the brochure holder next to the door. While it is important to get the handout to them as our guests enter, the more important thing to do is make everyone feel welcome. If someone seems like they don’t want a handout, don’t force it upon them.

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know the layout of the building


It is important to be familiar with where everything is in the building (restrooms, children’s ministry, etc). If someone should ask you where something is, please walk them to that area rather than just verbally telling them where it is. If you are not comfortable doing this, find another usher or the head usher.

Click here for a layout of the building.



Questions from our guests will usually be able to be answered at either the “Information Center” or the “Your Next Step” area. Again, please walk them to the appropriate area rather than just verbally telling them where it is.

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hastings campus
delton campus
middleville campus


We have children’s activity packets available for the kids. Please feel free to hand those out to the kids when they come through. They are in the top pocket of the brochure holder by the door. However, be aware that some parents may not want their children to have them.



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    activity packets for kids

when do we close the doors?


Each week we will announce in the “huddle” when to shut the doors. It is normally around the time of the vision casting.




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The ushers at the door will also be helping with the offering in the section that corresponds with their door. Please be ready with your buckets so you can go forward as soon as the ushers are called.




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