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Depending on the size of the Auditorium, there should be one person in each section standing at the back during an invitation to help the pastor locate raised hands.


It can be difficult for the pastor to see the audience, due to lighting. Try to stand directly under a spotlight or near a lighted area so the pastor can see you.


Be as discreet as possible. Please stand at least 2-3 feet behind the back row. Never go down the aisle to point anyone out.


Quietly stand behind your section, raise your arm and point in the direction of the raised hand. Continue to point in the direction of the raised hand until you are sure the pastor has acknowledged them. Please do not wave your arm and disturb the moment.  In the event someone gets overlooked, the pastor will usually mention that he may not see all the hands, but will still pray with them.


Keep an accurate count of the raised hands in your section and mark that number on the invitation card that will be given to you by the Head Usher or Guest Services Leader. Turn that card in to the Head Usher or Guest Services Leader after service.

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