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Passing out the buckets

  • If you are the person responsible for handing out the offering buckets, be ready with the buckets to go down to the front as soon as you are invited. All the ushers handing out buckets should walk down together.

  • Once invitation for the offering has been announced, move quickly to the front.​ When the prayer is done, you should pass one bucket to each row.  The important thing is to BE FRIENDLY!

  • If extra rows of chairs have been set up in your section, you may need to get more baskets from the usher’s room/storage. If you have forgotten to do this and find yourself short, simply go to the receiving side of the section next to you and get a bucket to pass to your next row.

Receiving the offering

  • You MUST be 18 years of age to collect the offering buckets.​ Wait at the back of the church until the prayer is over and then move quickly to the front row to collect the buckets.

  • Often a bucket may get delayed because someone is writing a check or getting money from their wallet. In this case, step back to the next couple of rows, collect those buckets and then go back and collect the delayed bucket so you aren’t just standing there hovering over people. Once all of your buckets have been collected, gather together all the buckets. The Head Usher will choose two people to go with them into the usher's room to sort the money. 

Where do I sit?

  • After the offering you are welcome to sit with your family, or sit in the chairs at the back of the auditorium. If you do sit in the audience, it is a good idea to sit toward the back and on an end so you can get out easily. We also ask that you let the head usher know where you are sitting as we might need you during the service. If we are doing a special handout during the sermon, please be prepared to come back to help with that.  

  • If you were a door greeter before service, please come back to your door a couple minutes before the end of service so you will be available to get the doors open and greet people on their way out. 

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