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Most people who come in before the service starts will scan the room for their family or friends to sit with and will want to seat themselves. However, be aware of everyone coming in because this may be a person’s first time and they may need help.


When you approach someone looking for a seat, ask “May I help you find a seat?”. They will let you know whether they want help or not.


If seats are still available in both the front and the back, ask them which they prefer. Indicate to them to wait in the back until you find seating. Try not to let them follow you down the aisle. You don’t want to embarrass them if you don’t find sufficient seating for them. When you find seats available, motion to them to come forward.


If someone comes in a wheelchair, ask them what area they would like to sit in. There usually is an area where we can best accommodate them at each of our campuses. Some people like to go forward. In that case, locate sufficient aisle seating and remove the chair at the end for the wheelchair. Make sure the wheelchair does not project out into the aisle. We always need to keep the aisle clear.


NEVER split up a family or a group of people in different rows. If the needed seats are not available, set up an extra row of chairs in the back.


If you see a scattering of empty seats in a row and the auditorium is nearly full, politely ask people if they would move left or right so that you could seat others there.

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